Occupational Therapy


What we offer

Occupational and physiotherapy as set out and guided by hospital therapists for each individual student. 

We can help  to develop a child or young person's underlying skills, use practical techniques to learn tasks whilst  aiming to help children who are experiencing difficulties in home and/or educational settings. 

Targeting the key areas below:

Perceptual Skills

Perceptual skills including visual figure ground discrimination and visual discrimination. The ability to perceive a form visually and the ability to differentiate similarities or differences of given shapes.

Visual Spatial Relationships

The relationship between ones body and an external space.

Visual Memory

The ability to remember what is seen and record a visual image of shapes, symbols and movement.

Visual Figure Ground Discrimination

Is the ability to differentiate everyday objects against a background, ignoring what is relevant.

Visual Sequential Memory

Is the ability to recall a sequence of visual stimuli. Including rembering visual seqence and letter shapes.