Equine-assisted Therapy and Learning


What is it?

  • Equine Therapy involves equine-assisted experiences that provide an alternative approach to promoting human mental health and general personal growth through a range of activities for all ages and abilities.
  • A chance to take time to step back and see the world differently
  • An opportunity to try something new and challenge  yourself to acquire new skills 
  • Gain knowledge and experience in many aspects of general horse management and care
  • Previous experiences with horses is not required

Equine-assisted experiences…

Opportunities to work closely with the horse on the ground through:

  • ground exercises (e.g. building obstacle courses and setting challenges for the horse)
  • grooming 
  • general horse care 
  • human to horse communication
  • understanding horse behaviour 
  • building a bond with the horse (developing trust)

Promoting human mental health and general well-being …

  • Equine therapy is a way to experience change hands-on, challenging the individual to look at themselves and the world in a new way
  • Equine studies have shown the effectiveness of equine therapy in lowering human blood pressure and heart rate, alleviating stress, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and helping individuals struggling with addictions and mental health disorders.
  • Horses provide mirrors of our emotions, ways of communication and challenges we face in relationships and other aspects of our lives.

Alternative approach…

  • Using the horse as an instrument to promote human emotional growth and well-being for therapeutic healing through a groundwork approach (not necessarily horseback riding)
  • Horses have a unique ability to sense and mirror emotions and react accordingly e.g. if the individual is showing signs of angry or aggressive behaviour, the horse may become obstinate and not compliant
  • When the horse is approached by an individual who is open and calm, the horse is more likely to respond in kindness 
  • Witnessing the horses response to certain behaviour promotes self-awareness and can help the individual to see themselves in a more realistic way without any words at all.

Course Options:

As well as individual sessions there are courses available that are tailored to both children and adults.

A therapy course overview:

  • Taster Session
  • Meet & Greet
  • Session 1: Trust
  • Session 2: Setting Boundaries
  • Session 3: Communication Skills
  • Session 4: Identifying and Coping with Feelings 
  • Session 5: Overcoming Fear
  • Session 6: Horse Play Therapy

Horsemanship Course

Level 1 - perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics, no previous experience required.


Session one: Grooming & Hoof Care

Session two: Grooming & Leading and controlling the horse

Session three: Identifying and fitting tack 

Session four: Points of the horse 

Session five:  Washing & Plaiting 

Session six: Feeding & stable and field maintenance, followed by course quiz

Obtain certificate!

Level 2 - For those progressing on from a Level 1, or with previous basic knowledge. This course incorporates the criteria for BHS Stage 1 Care award.

Session one: Grooming & identifying tack 

Session two: Identifying and fitting rugs and boots and understand their uses

Session three: Tack up and un-tack correctly 

Session four: Mucking out & stable maintenance 

Session four: Observe, understand and describe horse behaviour 

Session five: Feeding & field maintenance 

Session six: Responsibilities of working on a yard and risk assessing & course quiz

Obtain certificate 

Courses are usually run on a weekly basis but can be tailored accordingly to suit the individual and can be weekly, fortnightly on a monthly basis if required.

 Courses can be run for individuals as well as small groups.  Course/session fees vary depending on requirements and length of session. 


Prices for individual sessions start from £25 (45 minutes)/ £40 (90 minutes)

Equine Therapy course is £210 for 6 sessions (90 minutes)

Horsemanship courses is £150 for 6 sessions (60 minutes)

Contact us to book in a taster session or to make an enquiry